Preseminar Extreme Matter Institute EMMI Workshop on
Quark-Gluon-Plasma and Cold Atomic Physics - SS 2008  

Johanna Stachel / Markus Oberthaler / Thomas Gasenzer / Jan Pawlowski

Physikalisches Institut, kleiner Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12

 Montag 16:15 bis 17:45 Uhr

This Seminar explores the synergies and communalities between the physics of the coldest and the hottest systems we can study experimentally in the laboratory: cold quantum gases and the quark-gluon plasma. It brings together interested students and researchers and experts working in one or both of these areas. This seminar is in preparation of a workshop planned within the new Helmholtz Alliance EMMI ( for the Fall of this year (2008)

Topics are assigned anytime during the semester break by the respective advisor listed first or at the latest on April 4





 4/7 Assignment of topics and Thermodynamics of Bose and Fermi Gases Oberthaler, Gasenzer Thomas Gasenzer
 4/14 Thermodynamics of relativistic gases and the QGP Stachel, Pawlowksi Florian Beutler
 4/21 Fermion-Fermion and Boson-Boson interaction at very low temperatures Oberthaler, Gasenzer Fabienne Haupert
 4/28 Experimental production of BEC's Oberthaler Jens Appmeier
 5/5 Ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions                        Talk / Print version     Stachel Korinna Zapp
 5/19 Production of Hot Fireballs at SPS/RHIC Stachel Selim Jochim

Markus Oberthaler

 5/27 ! 13:15 The Gross-Pitaevski equation and Hydrodynamic expansion of BEC's Oberthaler, Gasenzer Stefan Kessler
 6/3 ! 13:15 Ultracold degenerate Fermi gases

Talk / Präsentation

Oberthaler Selim Jochim
 6/9 Lattice QCD and QGP

Soualah / Krumbhorn

Stachel Pawlowski Rachik Soualah

Dirk Krumbhorn

 6/16 Relativistic hydrodynamics and the Bjorken model Stachel Stefan Zimmer
 6/23 Experimental investigations of relativistic hydrodynamics and the ideal fluid scenario at RHIC Stachel Yifei Wang
 6/30 Two-particle interferometry and size of the fireball / Molecular BEC's and fermionic condensates of Cooper pairs - from BEC to BCS Oberthaler, Gasenzer, Pawlowski Andre Wenz

Matthias Kronenwett

 7/7 3 species Fermionic systems - Cold gases

Part 1 / Part 2

Gasenzer Richard Schmidt
 7/14 Color superconductivity in dense quark matter

Part 1 / Part 2

Stachel, Pawlowski Jochen Klein

Florian Marhauser