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Markus Köhli

Phone +49 6221 54 19448
Room INF 226 | 03.208
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ORCID 0000-0001-6098-3094
ResearcherID H-3448-2016
CASCADE Ph. D student

Research Interests

Tech| Particle Detectors - Neutron Detectors - Micro Pattern Gaseous Detectors - Monte-Carlo Simulations
Fields| Particle Physics - Neutron Spin Echo - Archeometry - COSMOS

Educational background

2010 Diploma in Physics
Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg

Research experience

2011 Ph.D student
Physics Institute, Heidelberg University
2010-2011 Teaching assistant
Improvement of the Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum I and II
Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg
2006-2010 Tutor
Experimental Physics I-IV, Medizinerpraktikum, Anfängerpraktikum, Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum I
Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg
2005-2007 Student researcher
ATLAS detector at LHC, Myon system
Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg


2017 International Conference on Neutron Scattering, Daejeon
Novel Neutron Detectors based on the Time Projection Method pdf-File
2017 81th DPG Annual Conference, Münster
High Spatial Resolution in Thermal Neutron Detection: CASCADE (HK 7.2) pdf-File
2017 81th DPG Annual Conference, Bremen
Soil Moisture Measurement at the hectometer scale with cosmic-ray neutrons (UP 4.2) pdf-File
2016 2nd ATTRACT TWD Symposium in Detection and Imaging, Strasbourg
Soil moisture sensing by detection of cosmic ray neutrons pdf-File
2016 5th International COSMOS Workshop, Copenhagen
Neutron Transport Modelling with URANOS and Footprint Sensitivity - Making Neutrons great again pdf-File
2016 80th DPG Annual Conference, Darmstadt
The CASCADE Project - On the Phase Front of Neutron Detection (HK 70.6) pdf-File
2016 80th DPG Annual Conference, Regensburg
The method of soil moisture sensing by cosmic ray neutrons (UP 15.1) pdf-File
2016 Particle Physics Seminar, Bonn
For you: no charge - Neutron Detection
2015 Neutronen in der Forschung und Industrie, E21 TU München
On the Phase Front of Neutron Detection pdf-File
2015 European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS), Zaragossa
The CASCADE Project - a multi-layer 10B neutron detection system pdf-File
2015 Design and Engineering of Neutron Instruments Meeting (DENIM), Budapest
The CASCADE Dectector - high-resolution neutron detection by solid 10B layers pdf-File
2015 79th DPG Annual Conference, Heidelberg
Soil moisture sensing by cosmic ray induced neutron showers (UP 16.2) pdf-File
2015 79th DPG Annual Conference, Berlin
Irrtümer und deren Lehrsätze (GP 9.4) pdf-File
2014 Deutsche Tagung für Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung, Neutronen und Ionenstrahlen an Großgeräten 2014, Bonn
CASCADE - eine alternative Perspektive für Festkörper-Neutronendetektoren pdf-File
2014 9th Annual PNN & Well Logging Conference, Klingenbach
Probing nano and macro scales: solid state detectors and cosmic neutron soil moisture determination pdf-File
2014 International Workshop on Position Sensitive Neutron Detectors, Jülich
The CASCADE Project - a perspective for Solid State Detectors pdf-File
2014 4th COSMOS Workshop, Leipzig
Monte-Carlo Simulations on the Detector Sensitivity to Cosmic-Ray induced Neutron Showers pdf-File
2014 78th DPG Annual Conference, Berlin
Probing soil moisture by Cosmic Ray induced Neutron Showers (UP 7.3) pdf-File
2013 12th RD51 Collaboration Meeting, CERN
CASCADE: The synthesis of GEMs and Solid State Converters pdf-File
2012 76th DPG Annual Conference, Mainz
Das CASCADE-Projekt: Neutronendetektion mittels Bor-10 als Alternative zu Helium-3 (HK 42.2) pdf-File
2011 ANP Group Meeting, Heidelberg
Developing high resolution Time Projection Chambers - a GEM and TimePix approach pdf-File
2010 5th RD51 Collaboration Meeting, Freiburg
Calibration of the TimePix chip and pad enlargement chips pdf-File
2010 74th DPG Annual Conference, Bonn
Effizienzsteigerung durch Pixelvergrößerung? (T 57.9) pdf-File


2016 M. Köhli et al.
Efficiency and spatial resolution of the CASCADE thermal neutron detector
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A 828, 242-249 DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2016.05.014
2016 M. Köhli et al.
CASCADE - a multi-layer Boron-10 neutron detection system
IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series 746, 012003 (VI European Conference on Neutron Scattering - ECNS2015) DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/746/1/012003
2015 M. Köhli et al.
Footprint characteristics revised for field-scale soil moisture monitoring with cosmic-ray neutrons
Water Resources Research, 51, 5772-5790 DOI: 10.1002/2015WR017169
- Project in close collaboration with Martin Schrön, UFZ Leipzig
2015 M. Schrön et al.
Monitoring Environmental Water with Ground Albedo Neutrons and Correction for Incoming Cosmic Rays with Neutron Monitor Data
PoS (ICRC2015) 231 (to be published) Preview
2014 G. Modzel et al.
Absolute effciency measurements with the 10B based Jalousie detector
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A 734, 90-95 DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2014.01.007
2012 G. Modzel et al.
The 10B based Jalousie neutron detector - an alternative for 3He filled position sensitive counter tubes
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A 686 151-155 DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2012.05.075
2012 J. Aguilar et al.
Infrastructure for Detector Research and Development towards the International Linear Collider - Instrumentation and Detectors arXiv:1201.4657
2010 C. Brezina et al.
First Data Taking of the SiTPC module at the Large TPC Prototype

Scientific Highlight
"Footprint characteristics revised for field-scale soil moisture monitoring with cosmic-ray neutrons" chosen as Cover Article for Water Resources Research Vol 51 Issue 7

Diploma Thesis

2010 M. Köhli, Group Prof. M. Schumacher, Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg
Entwicklung einer Labortestkammer für mikrostrukturierte Gasdetektoren mit hochpixellierter Auslese und Charakterisierung postprozessierter TimePix-Chips unter Verwendung von GEM-Folien zur Gasverstärkung
pdf-File, 30 MB

Other Projects and Stuff

O Statistische Methoden zur Datenauswertung im Fortgeschrittenen-Praktikum,
an overview about statistical methods of data analysis useful for Advanced Laboratory Courses
pdf-File, 500 kB
O Praktikumsanleitungen Fortgeschrittenen-Praktikum , Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg
concept and design, restructuring of teaching goals, FP I+II
SQUID and Hanle-Effect
O Color Scale for Statistical Graphics, e.g. ROOT,
using the HCL Color Scheme to scale hue linearly amongst a given range of values
based on
Zeileis et al.: Escaping RGBland: Selecting colors for statistical graphics DOI: 10.1016/j.csda.2008.11.033
C++ Implementation and ROOT Implementation
O Building your own ROOT classes,
a guide to implement user-defined classes into ROOT
pdf-File, 500 kB

O Articles for Magazines
CASCADE - a high resolution time-of-flight detector (FRM News)
Insights: The Helium-3 Crisis (FRM News)

O Peer Reviewer
Environmental Earth Sciences (Springer, ISSN 1866-6299)
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment (Elsevier, ISSN 0168-9002)

O Science Slams
- Quo Vadis? Vanitas! The 13.5 Lives of the Planck Constant (DPG Conference 2017, Münster)

- Ein Neutronenlaser? Aha! Ehmm...? (FameLab, Karlsruhe 2016)

- Das Wetter vorhersagen? Schwerter zu Pflugscharen. (IdeenExpo, Hannover 2016)

- Go to Hell - a guide for researchers (79th DPG Conference, Berlin 2015)
- Ziel: Nobelpreis - auf Wegen durch den Irrengarten (SNI 2014 Conference, Bonn)
- Perspektive Wissenschaft: Mit Umsinn und Unsicht durch den Irrengarten (Highlights der Physik, Saarbrücken 2014)
- Wie man mit explodierten Sternen und nicht explodierten Bomben nach dem Wetter von morgen fragt. (Saarbrücken 2014)
- Research about Researchers - Confused by Nobel Prizes (CETS 2014 Conference, Heidelberg)


2014 Seminar: The most important mistakes in physics' history
Interdisciplinary Seminar in collaboration with Science Historian Ernst Peter Fischer

2017 Physik für Naturwissenschaftler II (Excercises and Teaching Assistance)


2017 Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics (Seminar)
2016 Physik für Naturwissenschaftler I
2013 Experimental Physics V (Particle Physics)
2013 Moderne Techniken der Teilchenphysik (Seminar)
2013 Detektoren und Beschleuniger (Seminar)
2013 Experimental Physics IV (Atoms, Molecules)
2012 Experimental Physics III (Optics, Waves, Quantum Mechanics)
2010 Experimental Physics IV (Atoms, Molecules, Solid State)
2009 Fortgeschrittenen-Praktikum I (Hanle effect)
2009 Experimental Physics III (Optics, Waves, Quantum Mechanics)
2009 Fortgeschrittenen-Praktikum I (SQUID)
2009 Experimental Physics II (Electrodynamics)
2008 Experimental Physics I (Mechanics)
2008 Experimental Physics II (Electrodynamics)
2007 Physikalisches Praktikum für Mediziner
2006 Physikalisches Praktikum für Anfänger I (Mechanics)
2006 Physikalisches Praktikum für Mediziner

Supervision Assistance

2017 F. Schmidt, Bachelor thesis
Entwicklung eines SiPM-Szintillationstriggers für einen Neutronendetektor
2014 M. Liebig, Diploma thesis
Weiterentwicklung eines CASCADE-Detektors für MIEZE-Anwendungen
2013 M. Kästner, Diploma thesis
Entwicklung und Design eines Beammonitors für das PERC Experiment und Entwicklung einer VHDL-Firmware zur Inbetriebnahme des n-XYTER Auslesechips
2011 P. Gohn, Staatsexamensarbeit
Aufbau und didaktische Aufbereitung eines Experimentes zum Ramaneffekt im Rahmen des Fortgeschrittenenpraktikums Link

Internal Talks

2017 Soil Moisture Sensing by Cosmic Ray Neutrons (Jamboree)
2015 Application of Neutron Detectors in Environmental Physics (PAT Seminar)
2014 Particle Physics' Cradle: Neutron Detection Systems (Palaver Talks)
2014 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Seminar: The most important Mistakes in Physic's History)
2013 Under my Umbrella - Rain and Neutron showers (ANP seminar)
2013 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - confused about Nobel Prizes ...again (ANP seminar)
2013 The Riddler - Framing a Puzzle (ANP seminar)
2013 Welcome to the other side - Neutron Detectors (Detectors in Particle Physics seminar)
2013 Universitäten. Seit 1386. Ein unphysikalischer Beitrag (ANP seminar)
2012 Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines - confused about Nobel Prizes (ANP seminar)
2012 Divina Cascadia - a guide through the 9 circles of hell (ANP seminar)
2011 Developing high resolution Time Projection Chambers - a GEM and TimePix approach (ANP seminar)
2010 The arrow of time - Decoherence (Interdisciplinary seminar of philosophy and physics)
2009 Ein Scherbenhaufen? Rehydroxylationsdatierung (Archeometry lecture)
2009 Outcomes after 9 months - a report about GEM & TimePix (HEP seminar)

Schools and Participations

2017 HEPTech Symposium, GSI Darmstadt
2016 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Strasbourg
2016 German Neutron Scattering Conference, Kiel
- with Poster contributions pdf-File and pdf-File
2016 Woman, Citizenship and Voting Rights, Lissabon
2016 Bonn-NIKHEF Meeting, Bonn
2015 1st Helmholtz Cross Program Activitity Workshop, Sekundäre Neutronen in der Medizin und Strahlenschutz, Munich
2015 Symposium Classicum Peregrinum, Budapest
2014 8th Central European Training School on neutron techniques, Budapest
- with Poster contribution pdf-File
2014 XXXIII Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg
2014 DPG Conference, Frankfurt
2014 XXXII Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg
2013 1st International Conference on Neutron Imaging and Neutron Methods in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Research, Munich
2013 XXXI Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg
2013 International Workshop on Neutron Optics and Detectors, Munich
2013 77th DPG Annual Conference, Dresden
2013 XXX Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg
2012 XXIX Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg
2012 German Neutron Scattering Conference, Bonn
- with Poster contribution pdf-File
2012 PNCMI 2012: 9th International workshop on Polarised Neutrons in Condensed Matter Investigations, Paris
2012 43rd IFF Spring School: Scattering Methods for Condensed Matter Research, Jülich
2012 XXVIII Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg

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