Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Finished Theses


Characterisation of the time resolution of the MuPix10 pixel sensor
Florian Frauen (Bachelorarbeit, 2021)

Testing of a Method for the Sensor Thickness Determination and a Cluster Size Study for the MuPix10
Jakob Stricker (Bachelorarbeit, 2021)

Pulse Shape Characterization and Allpix Squared Simulation of the MuPix10
Stephan Lachnit (Bachelorarbeit, 2021)


Characterization of a Monolithic Pixel Sensor Prototype in HV-CMOS Technology for the High-Luminosity LHC
Adrian Herkert (Dissertation, 2020)

Towards an Online Reconstruction of Cosmic Muons for Mu3e using Hardware-Based Pattern Recognition
Kontanstin Neureither (Bachelorarbeit, 2020)

Calibration of the MuPix10 Pixel Sensor for the Mu3e Experiment
Marius Wilm Menzel (Bachelorarbeit, 2020)


A High Rate Testbeam Data Acquisition System and Characterization of High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors
Lennart Huth (Dissertation, 2018)

Thermal Analysis of the Silicon Pixel Detector for the Mu3e Experiment
Constantin Tormann (Bachelorarbeit, 2018)

Fast data acquisition for silicon tracking detectors at high rates
Sebastian Dittmeier (Dissertation, 2018)

Analog Characterization and Time Resolution of a large scale HV-MAPS Prototype
Jan Patrick Hammerich (Masterarbeit, 2018)


Reconstruction of Two-Prong Signatures with a Linearised Multiple Scattering Vertex Fit for Mu3e
Lukas G. Gerritzen (Masterarbeit, 2017)


Gaseous Helium Cooling of a Thin Silicon Pixel Detector for the Mu3e Experiment
Adrian Herkert (Masterarbeit, 2015)

Studies of HV-MAPS Analog Performance
Jan Patrick Hammerich (Bachelorarbeit, 2015)

Effizienzanalyse von HV-MAPS anhand des MuPix-Teleskops
Jonathan Philipp (Bachelorarbeit, 2015)

Optical Measurements of Vibration and Deformation of the Mu3e Silicon Pixel Tracker
Lars Henkelmann (Bachelorarbeit, 2015)

Analyse von Michelson-Interferometriedaten von Vibrationsmessungen eines dünnen gasgekühlten Pixeldetektors
René Philipp Austermühl (Bachelorarbeit, 2015)

Finite Element Analysis of the Cooling System for the Mu3e Experiment
Yanwing Ng (Masterarbeit, 2015)


Development of a Tracking Telescope for Low Momentum Particles and High Rates consisting of HV-MAPS
Lennart Huth (Masterarbeit, 2014)

Characterization of a novel HV-MAPS Sensor with two Amplification Stages and first examination of thinned MuPix Sensors
Heiko Augustin (Masterarbeit, 2014)

Fast optical readout for the Mu3e experiment
Carsten Grzesik (Bachelorarbeit, 2014)

Cooling of the Mu3e Pixel Detector
Lukas Huxold (Bachelorarbeit, 2014)

Characterisation of High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for the Mu3e Experiment
Raphael Philipp (Masterarbeit, 2014)

Fast Optical Readout of the Mu3e Pixel Detector
Simon Corrodi (Masterarbeit, 2014)

HV-MAPS Readout and Direct Memory Access for the Mu3e Experiment
Fabian Alexander Förster (Masterarbeit, 2014)

Data Transmission at High Rates via Kapton Flexprints for the Mu3e Experiment
Jens Kröger (Bachelorarbeit, 2014)


Development of a Test Setup for a 60 GHz Wireless Transceiver for the ATLAS Tracker Readout
Sebastian Dittmeier (Masterarbeit, 2013)

A Vertex Fit for Low Momentum Particles in a Solenoidal Magnetic Field with Multiple Scattering
Sebastian Schenk (Bachelorarbeit, 2013)


Cooling with Gaseous Helium for the Mu3e Experiment
Marco Zimmermann (Bachelorarbeit, 2012)

Track Fitting with Broken Lines for the MU3E Experiment
Moritz Kiehn (Diplomarbeit, 2012)

Characterisation of High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for the Mu3e Experiment
Ann-Kathrin Perrevoort (Masterarbeit, 2012)

Charakterisierung von HV-MAPS
Heiko Augustin (Bachelorarbeit, 2012)


Implementation of a Phase Space Generator in C++
Christoph Dressler (Bachelorarbeit, 2011)

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