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Stellenangebote - Master Arbeiten

Master Arbeiten

Development of new pixel detectors based on the High-Voltage MAPS TechnologyAndré Schöning
Our group is developing a new pixel detectors based on the High-Voltage MAPS (monolithic active pixel detector) technology. This new technology is superior in many respects compared to standard hybrid silicon detectors. It will be used for the new Mu3e experiment and is also considered for the LHC-High Luminosity upgrade of the ATLAS experiment. We offer several bachelor and master theses in this area. For more information contact D.Wiedner or A.Schoening.

Search for New Long Living Particles with ATLASAndré Schöning
The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider is searching for physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. Some models predict new long living particles (LLP) which have a lifetime at the nanosecond scale. These LLPs do not promptly decay at the production vertex and are therefore difficult to reconstruct and trigger. Along with the luminosity upgrade of the LHC in the year 2023-2025 the ATLAS detector will be upgraded. New track triggers have been proposed to improve the selectivity for rare processes. The performance of these track triggers for identifying long living particles should be studied using computer simulations.

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