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PhD Position - Quantum Sensing for Fundamental Physics with Ultracold NeutronsSkyler Degenkolb
Ultracold neutrons are a nearly ideal quantum system, enabling precision tests of the Standard Model with energy sensitivities approaching 1e-23 eV. Experiments measuring the neutron's permanent electric dipole moment already indicate that new physics is required, to explain why our universe contains large quantities of matter -- but practically no antimatter. New measurements with improved precision and discovery potential will rely on new techniques for producing and probing ultracold neutrons, and especially on in-situ detection within cryogenic sources. This project will focus on new approaches for ultracold neutron detection, using superconducting microstructures in a superfluid-helium environment. Desired qualifications: Solid background in experimental atomic/nuclear or particle physics (or a closely related field) Ability to absorb information from many sources and topics, to solve specific research problems Programming experience for instrumentation control and data analysis Good scientific communication skills Experience in neutron scattering or cryogenics would be an advantage Applications including a CV, personal motivational statement, and letters of recommendation should be sent to Applications will be considered until the position is filled. Those recieved before December 1, 2021 are guaranteed full consideration.

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