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Development of Silicon Pixel und Scintillating Fibre Detectors for the new LHCb Tracking System

For the planned upgrade of the LHCb experiment our group develops new detector technologies to be applied in the new tracking system of this experiment. The main challenge is to ensure an excellent tracking capability at very high particle fluxes and radiation levels. We offer several bachelor and master thesis in the fields of

  1.  Simulation and optimization of the detector design.
  2. Investigation of the detector performance at very high particle fluxes.
  3. Comparison of the detector performance before and after irradiation with X-rays, neutrons and protons.
  4. Development and improvement of Readout Systems for detector tests.

If you are interested to work in a technologically challenging field in the framework of an international collaboration please contact:

  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Uwer (
  • Dr. Sebastian Bachmann (

Kontakt: Ulrich Uwer, Sebastian Bachmann

Veröffentlicht am: 2024-05-22
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