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Master Arbeit

Development of a new pixel detector for 50 MeV photon conversion

The next generation of experiments searching for the charged lepton flavor violating decay mu -> e gamma will potentially exploit an Active Photon Converter for precise measurement of the energy, position and direction. Active photon converters are believed to be superior over standard calorimeters for photon energies of interest (53 MeV). Our group is developing an active photon converter based on High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (HV-MAPS). The group is developing HV-MAPS since more than 10 years and the task of the thesis is to demonstrate the proof of this new concept. If successful, this work would lead to a new experimental concept for the detection of rare mu -> e gamma decays with unprecedented sensitivity. Such an experiment could be installed at the new High Intensity Muon Beamline at the Paul Scherrer Institute which which starts operation in 2028.

Kontakt: André Schöning

Veröffentlicht am: 2023-03-21
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