Research topics

Ultracold quantum gases achieve exquisite platforms to explore few- and many-body phenomena with extreme control.

Dysprosium Lab

The Dylab is a new-generation experiment in which we cool and trap dysprosium atomic gases in lower-dimensional and tailored-shaped potentials. Being the most magnetic element of the periodic table, dysprosium presents strong interatomic dipole-dipole interactions. Contrasting with the standard contact interactions, the dipolar interactions are long-range and anisotropic. Our aim is to study the impact of such interactions on the equilibrium and dynamical behaviors of quantum fluids, focusing on lower-dimensional spaces and uniform potentials, where quantum fluctuations and critical effects are exalted.

Lithium-Caesium Lab

We are joining forces with Matthias Weidemueller to explore the physics of quantum atomic mixtures with extreme mass imbalance. Using ultracold gases of Lithium and Caesium, we aim to investigate few- and many-body quantum phenomena arising from the competition of the various inter- and intra-species (contact) interactions at play in the mixture, and their interplay with the different constituent's mobility, quantum statistics, population, as well as the mixture's geometry. Here a special focus is on the physics of heavy impurities in a bath of light quantum degenerate fermions.