Ultracold Bose-Fermi mixtures

The ability to tune the interaction of ultracold quantum gases makes them paradigms for the investigation of quantum many-body effects as they appear throughout nature. Using a mixture of ultracold Cesium-133 atoms (bosons) and Lithium-6 atoms (fermions), we investigate the quantum statistical properties of these mixtures, including the transition to a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) or a degenerate Fermi gas (DFG), as well as new effects which arise when the inter-species interaction is controlled.

Ultracold mixture of 6Li and 133Cs

The experimental realization of Bose-Einstein condensates and degenerate Fermi gases has paved the way to study models and theories for quantum phenomena. We apply techniques of laser cooling and trapping of ultracold neutral atoms to create ultracold mixtures at sub micro-Kelvin temperatures. When the collisional properties of the gas are tuned via an external magnetic field close to a Feshbach resonance the gas can enter strongly-interacting regimes which would enable the investigation of universal few- and many body physics or the formation of highly excited LiCs molecules.

In our new experimental setup Cs atoms and Li atoms are decelerated in a double-species Zeeman slower before they a captured in a MOT. For further cooling of Li we use evaporative techniques in a 200 W crossed optical dipole trap. In the case of Cs degenerate Raman sideband cooling provides low temperatures. Currently we hold the mixture of Li and Cs in the optical dipole trap and then switch on magnetic fields up to 1200 G to control the collisional properties.

Latest news and research results

Welcome to Tobias and Michael starting their PhD in the Mixtures team15.06.2021
Eleonora Lippi

A warm welcome to our news PhDs, Micheal and Tobias. Michael starts his PhD after have concluded his master thesis in our group studying the relation between Efimov scenario and Fermi polarons. Tobias joins us from Karlsruhe where he did his master thesis on optical fiber-based micro resonators. Good luck to both!

HDVent emergency ventilator system: a child project of COVID-19 times01.04.2021
Eleonora Lippi

Our group participated to the Physics Institute’s effort to create an emergency ventilator to support patients suffering from COVID-19. David, Manuel, Eleonora, Binh and Saba gave a large contribution to this project child of this year of pandemy. The design of the HDvent Emergency Ventilator has now been published and full details are available open source on the HDVent website and on github!

D. Grimshandl et al., The HDvent Emergency Ventilator System, arXiv:2012.13005, or see our full list of publications

For more information:
Website: HDVent
Github: HDVent on Github

Lauriane Chomaz arrives in Heidelberg as new Jun.-Prof. and joins the Mixtures team!01.02.2021
Eleonora Lippi

Lauriane Chomaz received her nomination as Junior Professor of Heidelberg University and will start setting up her group "Quantum Fluids" and her new lab on quantum dipolar gases of Dy atoms at the Physikalisches Institut. In parallel, she will also join the Mixtures team to explore the physics of quantum atomic mixtures with extreme mass imbalance! Good luck and welcome to our team, Lauriane!

For more information:
Website: Quantum Fluids

Publications by the Mixtures project

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