Quantum Fluids

Welcome to the Quantum-Fluid group at the Physikalisches Institut of the University of Heidelberg! We are a new research group exploring the behavior of quantum fluids using ultracold assemblies of atoms. On this website, you will find more information on our team, our research, as well as the opportunities to join us!

If you have further questions or are interested in joining, simply contact me at:




11/05/2021: The Dy teams gets bigger!

Beginning of May, Christian joined the group as a first bachelor student on the Dy team. He will help designing the experiment's vacuum apparatus. Karthik, who should have arrived in Heidelberg and joined us a PhD student, is unfortunately unable to travel from India due to the current sanitary situation. He is however joining us from distance! Welcome to both of you!



11/03/2021: Lauriane becomes member of the SFB ISOQUANT!

On March 11th, Lauriane was unanimously elected to be new principal investigator within the Collaborative Research Centre 1225 ISOQUANT! She now joins as a member of Project C)3, and will be keen on developing new projects soon within this extraordinary community of collaborators! For more info on the collaboration, see here.



01/03/2021: Jianshun joins the team!

On March 1st, Jianshun Gao joins the quantum-fluid group as first student in the new Dy Lab. Jianshun just arrived from China where he graduated from Nankai University. Jianshun was awarded a grant from the IMPRS Doctoral School in "4+4" program type. Welcome Jianshun and good start!


01/02/2021 - Lauriane arrived at Heidelberg University

On February 1st, Lauriane received her nomination as Junior Professor of Heidelberg University. She is now starting setting up her group and her new lab in the first floor of the Physikalisches Institut. She will start teaching on the summer semester 2021. A proper celebration will be held once COVID allows ;)