University of Heidelberg


a High-Rates Detector for Neutron Applications in Science and Research

An Entirely Modular Detector Concept
  • can be manufactured on industrial scales
  • large detector area feasible (> 1 m2) at < 10% blind area
  • time resolution < 1 ms (for TOF)
  • based on GEM technology (invented by CERN)

Modern, Highly Integrated ASIC Readout Electronics
  • individual readout channels
  • simple to scale
  • parallel processing of highest count rates

Suited For Highest Intensity Applications



CASCADE Detector,
200 mm x 200 mm,
stack of GEM-foils with 2D-readout-structure in the middle,
complete readout and histogramming electronics at the backside of the detector

  Signal Rates Capacity
  • Potential of GEMs:
    up to 10 MHz/cm2
  • Experimentally verified to date:
       > 2.7 MHz/cm2
       > 4 MHz on

Detection Efficiency
  • 38% at 1.8 Angström predicted for 20 10Boron layers coated on GEM-Foils
  • Measured 23% at 2.5 Angström using 8 layers of 10Bor
  • Custom optimisation for predefined band of wavelength possible
  • Black detector beyond 5 Angström

Spatial Resolution
  • feasible resolution:
    1-5 mm depending upon counting gas, readout structure and detector design
  • Measured width: FWHM 2.6mm on 1.57mm stripes using Ar/CO2 = 90/10 as counting gas at normal pressure

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