University of Heidelberg

Advanced Physics Lab for Physicists
(German: Fortgeschrittenen-Praktikum, abb. FP)

Location: INF 501
Hours Mon, Wed, Thu 14-18, Tue 15-18, out-of-term as arranged
P. Welzbacher: Tel 54-8989, Fax 54-4669, room 100,
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. K. Reygers: phone 54-8990 at the FP, 54-19503 at Physikalisches Institut, Im Neuenheimer Feld 226, room 01.101
Office hour: during term, on Tuesdays, 13:15-14:00 h in INF 501, or as arranged

E-Mail to the FP administration: (is sent to Mr. Reygers and Mr. Welzbacher in parallel.)

For many FP experiments new tutors are needed.
You are a doctoral student and you would like to become a FP tutor?
Or you are a Master student (m/f/d) and would like to work as a paid HIWI tutor in the FP? Please contact Mr. Welzbacher! FP aktuelles

Recent announcements:

Additional radiation protection course
A radiation protection course will take place on Monday, 6 May 2024, 13:30-14:00 (INF 227, SR 1.404).

SS 2024: Introduction to the Advanced Lab course and radiation protection course
An introduction to the FP (including the mandatory radiation protection course) will be given on April 15, 2024, 13:30 in INF 308, HS 1. The slides for the FP introduction of are available here.

Activation of experiment dates during the lecture period (SS 2024) (26 March 2024)
Like in the previous semesters, this summer semester the dates for FP experiments in the lecture period will no longer be released centrally on a specific date. Instead, the tutors of the respective experiments will release dates for booking with immediate effect. These dates can then be booked directly. By 05.04.2024 at the latest, many appointments that can be offered in the lecture period of SS 2024 are to be released by the tutors. However, based on experience, additional dates will be offered after this date throughout the semester. This new type of appointment activation should help to prevent appointments from being booked on which no tutor is available in the end.

Booking of slots for FP seminar presentations in SS 2024 (22 March 2024)
FP seminar presentations in the SS 2024 can now be booked via the personal FP status page. As always, in special cases, e.g. presentations without partners, presentation dates can also be booked by e-mail to the FP management.

Division FP1/FP2 (26 March 2024)
There are still (also in SS 224) no restrictions on the division of FP experiments between FP1 and FP2. Thus, for example, the combination of 2 FP1 + 6 FP2 is currently fine.

FP experiments as last task in the bachelor programme
Please send an email to the FP adminstration if the current lack of open FP2 slots might lead to the FP being your last achievement in the bachelor programme (after completion of the bachelor thesis) with the possible consequence of a longer duration of study. With this information we would like to create a priority list for the allocation of FP2 experiments.

Please read the FP guide for detailed information about the Advanced Lab Course.
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