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CERES photos

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  Setup 94, with multiplicity detector, view with beam

Views of the experiment

  The magnet and RICH2 radiator vessel in the zone

Radiator and Magnet Assembly 1990

  RICH1 radiator tank with CaF2 window

  RICH1 on its way to the zone


Clean room: closing the two halves of UV2

UV2 completely assembled, on its way to the zone


Mirror 2 (mark 2) fully assembled and adjusted

The RICH mirrors

RICH1 module mark 1, 2   RICH2/Pad chamber module

Readout electronics

The Second-Level Trigger Processor - a 15,488 processor array - and its father

The Second-Level Trigger

92 SiDD with amplifier cards (360 channels

96 SiDD, one of the two detectors. The amplifier chips are on the other side

Silicon drift detectors

The pad chamber installed at the mirror end of RICH2, no modules mounted yet

Padchamber - added 1994

          Snapshots of computer screen

Some early event displays with Cherenkov rings

4 pancakes (two-layer coil sections) ready to go into coil 1

TPC magnet construction and assembly at JINR, Dubna, 1997

  The magnet arrives from Dubna

  Installation in the zone

The TPC Magnet at CERN

preamplifier ASIC chip (16 channels)

TPC electronics

TPC equipped with FEE boards leaving the clean room


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