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Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing


Job Title: Code Refactoring C++/QT

Location: 100% Remote

Contract Length: 3 months+ contract

Required Skills:
1. C++ proven expertise, QT highly recommended
2. Script development, tuning, performance, refactoring, testing
3. experience with CERN's ROOT package beneficial
4. MINT education

Job Description:
Need for a C++ developer to conduct a code refactoring task for the software package URANOS:

URANOS is a Monte Carlo Software Tool for Environmental Science. URANOS is an in-house development from the Physikalisches Institut written in C++ with few dependencies: QT, ROOT and QCustomplot.

The developer in charge is supposed to refactor the code in terms of synchronization with the current QT version, restructure the code in terms of C++ coding best practices, cutover of database objects, redesigning class structures and commenting.
Required status: enrolled in a German University.

Payment and working time according to student's degree
- with a Bachelor's degree: 10 h/week for at least three months
- with a Master's degree: 7 h/week for at least three months

Start of the contract: 1.8.2021

  Bachelor and Master theses



Dr. Markus Köhli
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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmidt
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