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Perkeo III: Photos of the first Measurement 2006/2007

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ILL The reactor building of the ILL (Institut Laue Langevin) in Grenoble, housing the european high flux neutron source.
View onto reactor View onto the ILL reactor (photo courtesy of
PERKEO III reactor view The electron spectrometer Perkeo III set up at the cold neutron beam place PF1b viewed towards the beamstop.
The overall length of the instrument is almost 9 meters. Its magnetic field - used to guide the decay electrons onto the detectors - is generated using water cooled copper coils.
PERKEO III beamstop view Perkeo viewed towards the reactor. In the front of the picture one can see the detector vessel housing the downstream detector.
PERKEO III detector One of the two large electron detectors inside its transport box. The blue "glow" is the scintillation light.
Power Supplies A view on the working area of the PF1b beam position. On the left you can see our power supplies to generate the magnetic field.
Beamline The beamline is already assembled. It is used to collimate the neutron beam and to guide it through the spectrometer.
PERKEO III with wires Perkeo III fully eqipped with water hoses to cool the copper coils and wires to supply the currents to generate the magnetic field.
PERKEO III A look into the first detector vessel and the upstream beamline.
Neron The mountain "Neron" which is located right next to the Institute. The buildings on the left belong top the European Synchroton Facility ESRF.
Grenoble A view onto the center of Grenoble. The picture was taken from the Bastille, a fortress above the city.
Grenoble The Isere is the river crossing Grenoble.
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