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Perkeo II: Photos of the A-Measurement

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You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Polarizer The exit window of the second polarizer. The polarizers are placed in a concrete casemate and shielded with lead to reduce the gamma background.
Spinflipper The vacuum system starts right behind the polarizers. Here one can see the radiofrequency spinflipper which is used to turn the neutron spins by 180 degrees.
Flying PERKEO The spectrometer Perkeo II "flying" to the beam place PF1B at the ILL (Grenoble, France).
PERKEO at PF1B Perkeo II installed at the beam place PF1B. It is placed inside a steel shielding to reduce the magnetic field outside the experiment. The neutrons fly from the front to the back of the photo.
The spectrometer The electron spectrometer Perkeo II installed inside the steel shielding. In the front one can see the part of the vacuum vessel, where the detector and the photomultipliers are placed.
Panorama View on the Alps around Grenoble during sunset.

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