Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics

Participants: master students in physics; bachelor students in physics   

Prerequisite: PEP 5  

Lecturer: Prof. Johanna Stachel

the lecture takes place at:      KIP, INF227, 1.403

                                              Wednesday: 9.15-11.00 am  

start of the lecture:                         April 15, 2015



Script (updated every week, complete file 2015)  

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Journal Club:     apl. Prof. Peter Glässel , PD Dr. Silvia Masciocchi

                         1 hour discussion based on a modern paper on detector  development

                         Time: Friday 1.00 - 2.00 pm; PI, INF226, 01.106

                         Topics can be assigned any time by Prof. Peter Glässel

Grade: based on a written exam on July 22, 2015