Advanced Particle Physics II
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Experimental Signatures of Physics beyond the Standard Model (Journal Club)

Time and location
Thursdays 9:15 - 11:00   Phil 12 Sem

H.C. Schultz-Coulon, Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik
Tel. 06221/549281, eMail: coulon @
Ulrich Uwer, Physikalisches Institut
Tel. 06221/549226, eMail: uwer @

The course is organized as a Journal Club where on the basis of recent publications possible physics beyond the Standard Model is dicussed: We will read and discuss recent articles on searches for new physics signatures. Every article will be introduced by a short overview of the discussed physics model.
The course is primarily intended for graduate students in experimental and theoretical particle physics, but diploma students with a good background in particle physics are also welcome.

List of topics:
1.) Excited Electrons at HERA
2.) Standard SUSY Search at Tevatron
3.) Standard Model Higgs at LHC
4.) MSSM Higgs at LHC
5.) Search for Lepton Flavor Violation with MEGA
6.) Axion search (CAST)
7.) Search for Bs-->mumu with CDF and Theoretical Interpretation
8.) Mini Black Holes at LHC
9.) Electric Dipole Moments

  • Beginning:
    The lecture starts on Thursday Oct. 18th.

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