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Since July 2003, the HEP group of the PI Heidelberg participates in the BABAR collaboration. BABAR is an experiment that studies B meson decays abundantly produced at the high-luminosity e+e- storage ring PEPII at SLAC (California).

The experiment has already recorded about 100 million events containing B mesons. The large number of B's allows to study for the first time rare B decays. Of particular interest is the study of the CP asymmetry of B decays. After the K meson, the B meson is the second system for which CP violation violating decay asymmetries are observed.

The Heidelberg group is involved in the calibration of the electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC). We are currently concentrating on the EMC calibration with pi0 decays. Also, we are preparing the infrastructure needed to participate in the data analysis.

Diploma / Doctoral thesis:

For students interested in high-energy physics data analysis BABAR offers a large variety of different topics, all connected to the understading of the quark mixing described by the CKM matrix and the resulting CP violation.

Doctoral students are expected to contribute to our EMC group duties. They must be willing to spend time at the experiment at Stanford.

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