PhD theses

2018 Henry Lopez, Sympathetic cooling and rotational quenching of molecular anions in a hybrid atom ion trap , University Library Heidelberg (2018)

2017 Miguel Ferreira Cao, Control and characterisation of a Rydberg spin system to explore many-body physics, University Library Heidelberg (2017)

Stephan Häfner, From two-body to many-body physics in an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture of Li and Cs atoms, University Library Heidelberg (2017)

2016 Bastian Höltkemeier, Sympathetic cooling of ions in a hybrid atom ion trap, University Library Heidelberg (2016) [pdf]

Vladislav Gavryusev, Imaging of Rydberg Impurities in an Ultracold Atomic Gas, University Library Heidelberg (2016) [pdf]

2015 Juris Ulmanis, Universality and non-universality in the heteronuclear Efimov scenario with large mass imbalance, University Library Heidelberg (2015)

2014 Georg G\unter, Interfacing Rydberg atoms with light and observing their interaction driven dynamics, University Library Heidelberg (2014)

Hanna Schempp, Formation of Aggregates and Energy Transport in Ultracold Rydberg Interacting Gases, University Library Heidelberg (2014)

Rico Pires, Efimov Resonances in an Ultracold Mixture with Extreme Mass Imbalance, University Library Heidelberg (2014) [pdf]

2013 Christoph Hofmann, Emergence of correlations in strongly interacting ultracold Rydberg gases, University Library Heidelberg (2013) [pdf]

Marc Repp, Interspecies Feshbach Resonances in an Ultracold, Optically Trapped Bose-Fermi Mixture of Cesium and Lithium, University Library Heidelberg (2013) [pdf]

2012 Simone Götz, A high density target of ultracold atoms and momentum resolved measurements of ion-atom collision, University Library Heidelberg (2012)

2010 Terence Gerald Mullins, High-resolution ultra-short optical pulse shaping and coherent control over the photoassociation of ultra-cold atoms, University Library Freiburg (2010) [pdf]

2009 Johannes Deiglmayr, Structures, formation, and interactions of ultracold polar molecules, University Library Freiburg (2009) [pdf]

2008 Thomas Amthor, Interaction-induced dynamics in ultracold Rydberg gases - mechanical effects and coherent processes, University Library Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

2007 Jörg Lange, Erzeugung ultrakalter LiCs-Moleküle durch Photoassoziation, University Library Freiburg (2007) [pdf]

Wenzel Salzmann, Photoassociation and coherent control of ultracold molecules by femtosecond pulses, University Library Freiburg (2007) [pdf]

2006 Markus Reetz-Lamour, Coherence and decoherence in an ultracold gas of Rydberg atoms, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

Stephan Kraft, Formation, trapping and interaction of ultracold molecules, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

2004 Kilian Talo Theodor Singer, Interactions in an ultracold gas of Rydberg atoms, University Library Freiburg (2004) [pdf]

2003 Marcel Mudrich, Interactions in an optically trapped mixture of ultracold lithium and cesium atoms: Thermalization, spin-exchange collisions, photoassociation, University Library Heidelberg (2003) [pdf]

2000 Hans Engler, A quasi-electrostatic trap for neutral atoms, University Library Heidelberg (2000) [pdf]

Masters theses

2019 Lauritz Klaus, Design and construction an optical Microtrap to study the Polaron scenario in an ultracold Li-6-Cs-133 mixture, University Library Heidelberg (2019) [pdf]

2018 Markus Neiczer, Efficient creation of a molecular Bose-Einstein condensate of Lithium-6 using a spatially modulated dipole trap, University Library Heidelberg (2018) [pdf]

Melina Filzinger, Improved manipulation and detection of an ultracold Lithium-6-Cesium-133 mixture towards the investigation of the Bose polaron, University Library Heidelberg (2018) [pdf]

2016 Manuel Gerken, Gray Molasses Cooling of Lithium-6 Towards a Degenerate Fermi Gas, University Library Heidelberg (2016) [pdf]

2014 Carmen Renner, Design and characterization of a dual-wavelength high-resolution imaging system, University Library Heidelberg (2014) [pdf]

2013 Arthur Schönhals, Imaging of ultracold Cesium atoms at high magnetic fields, University Library Heidelberg (2013) [pdf]

Stephan Häfner, A tunable optical dipole trap for 6Li and 133Cs, University Library Heidelberg (2013) [pdf]

Stephan Helmrich, Improving optical resolution by noise correlation analysis, University Library Heidelberg (2013) [pdf]

2012 Henning Labuhn, Laser Frequency Stabilization on an Ultra-Stable Fabry-Perot Cavity for Rydberg Atom Experiments, University Library Heidelberg (2012) [pdf]

Robert Heck, All-optical formation of an ultracold gas of fermionic lithium close to quantum degeneracy, University Library Heidelberg (2012) [pdf]

2011 Aline Faber, All-optical formation of a Rubidium Bose-Einstein condensate for experiments on interacting Rydberg atoms, University Library Heidelberg (2011) [pdf]

Bastian Höltkemeier, 2D MOT as a source of a cold atom target, University Library Heidelberg (2011) [pdf]

Hannes Busche, Efficient loading of a magneto-optical trap for experiments with dense ultracold Rydberg gases, University Library Heidelberg (2011) [pdf]

Romain Müller, Optical cooling and trapping of fermionic 6Li and bosonic 133Cs, University Library Heidelberg (2011) [pdf]

Stefan Michael Walter Schmidt, Aufbau und Charakterisierung eines frequenzstabilisierten Diodenlasersystems zur Kühlung und Speicherung von Cs-Atomen, University Library Heidelberg (2011) [pdf]

2010 Kristina Meyer, An optical dipole trap for a two-species quantum degenerate gas, University Library Heidelberg (2010) [pdf]

Nele Lotte Marie Müller, Excitation and Detection of Rydberg Atoms in an Ultracold Gass, University Library Heidelberg (2010) [pdf]

2009 Hanna Schempp, Dunkelresonanzspektroskopie an einem wechselwirkenden ultrakalten Rydberggas, University Library Freiburg (2009) [pdf]

2008 Christian Glück, Unterdrückung lichtinduzierter Stöße in einer optischen zwei-Komponenten Atomfalle, University Library Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

Christoph S. Hofmann, Spectroscopy of an interacting ultracold Rydberg gas, Universität Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

Ina Blank, Doppelelektrontransfer in Stößen von Hochgeladenen Ionen mit Ultrakalten Atomen, University Library Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

Janne Denskat, Ionisations- und Rekombinationsprozesse in einem ultrakalten Gas aus Rydberg-Atomen, University Library Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

Karin Mörtlbauer, Frequenzstabilisierung eines Dauerstrich-Farbstofflasers zur Erzeugung von LiCs-Molekülen im rovibronischen Grundzustand, University Library Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

Wendelin Sprenger, Erweiterung des Freiburger Rydbergexperiments zur Auffindung von Makrodimeren in Rubidium, University Library Freiburg (2008) [pdf]

2007 Judith Eng, Photoassoziation von ultrakalten Rubidiummolekülen mit Femtosekundenlaserpulsen, University Library Freiburg (2007) [pdf]

Magnus Albert, Fs/Ps Photoassociation of ultracold rubidium, University Library Freiburg (2007) [pdf]

2006 Benjamin Müller, Enhancement of Phase Space Density in Ultracold Atomic and Molecular Gases, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

Christian Giese, Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization Spectroscopy on ultracold a Cs2, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

Fabian Weise, Entwicklung der Pulsformung in Phase, Amplitude und Polarisation sowie kohärente Kontrolle in der MOT, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

Johannes Deiglmayr, Kohärente Anregung ultra kalter Rydberg-Atome, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

Leif Vogel, Formation of ultracold LiCs molecules, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

Sebastian Westermann, Resonanter Energietransfer in ultrakalten Rydberg-Gasen, University Library Freiburg (2006) [pdf]

2003 Simon Fölling, 3D Raman sideband cooling of rubidium, University Library Freiburg (2003) [pdf]

2002 Michaela Tscherneck, Aufbau eines Experimentes zur Erzeugung ultrakalter, dichter Gase unter Verwendung eines neuartigen Lasersystems, University Library Freiburg (2002) [pdf]