Hybrid Atom-Ion Trap

A hybrid Atom-Ion Trap (HAITrap) superimposes ions stored in a radio frequency trap with optically trapped ultracold atoms. In our system we combine an octupole wire trap and a magneto optical trap to study the interactions between OH- and Rubidium.

Sympathetic cooling of anions via collisions with ultracold buffergas

Radiofrequency traps are a versatile tool to stored different ions species and study fundamental phenomena such as collisions and reactive dynamics. Buffergas cooling is most prominently technique to cool molecular anions to cold temperatures and is limited by the buffergas temperature. To overcome this limitation we use a localized ultracold atom cloud as a buffergas. With this technique we can create an ion ensemble with controllable energy distribution.

Reactive collisions between Rubidium atoms and hydroxyl anions

Rubidium and OH- are representative of a class of associative reactions between alkali atoms and closed shell anions. This system has been studied extensively by ab initio calculations and we experimentally study the quantum state dependent reaction dynamics between the two collision partners.

Latest news and research results

HAITrap collaboration meeting in Innsbruck 09.09.2019
Jonas Tauch

We collaborate with the molecular systems group of Professor Roland Wester from Innsbruck. Within this framework we met in Innsbruck at the Tiroler Bildungsinstitut Grillhof. Between tense and fruitful discussions about recent developments and future prospects of the project we enjoyed perfectly brewed cappuccino and a beautiful Alps panorama.

From left to right: Prof. Roland Wester, Dr. Milaim Kas, Jonas Tauch, Dr. Robert Wild, Markus Nötzold, Dr. Eric Endres, Saba Zia Hassan, Christine Lochmann, Prof. Matthias Weidemüller

Henry Lopez finishes his PhD!25.07.2018
Jonas Tauch

Henry Lopez from the HAITRAP team successfully defended his thesis... Congratulations!

After the defense there was a little celebration in the foyer where Henry received his PhD hat (see picture). Definitely monkey approved!

H. Lopez, Sympathetic cooling and rotational quenching of molecular anions in a hybrid atom ion trap, University Library Heidelberg, or see our full list of publications
A detailed description of our atom trap and imaging system has been published in Applied Physics B17.01.2017

In order to precisely measure the density distribution in our dark sponataneous froce optical trap (DarkSPOT), we developed a novel imaging system which is based on saturation absorption imaging. The details of this setup and the characterization of our atom cloud were published as part of the topical collection “Enlightening the World with the Laser” - honoring T. W. Hänsch.

B. Höltkemeier et al., A dense gas of laser-cooled atoms for hybrid atom–ion trapping, Applied Physics B 123.1, or see our full list of publications

The HAITrap team

Photo of the HAITrap project team.
Saba Hassan
Prof. Matthias Weidemüller

... and you?

Publications by the HAITrap project

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