Open positions

Are you
  • motivated to tackle challenging projects at the forefront of fundamental science?
  • interested in ultracold atoms and atomic physics, quantum optics, or laser physics?
  • enjoying hands on experimental research?
  • passionate about the exploration of novel physics ideas?
We are constantly working on exciting experiments and cutting-edge research at the interface between cold and ultracold quantum gases, condensed matter physics, and ultracold chemistry. Independent of your career stage, we are regularly offering possibilities to learn about and join in with our interdisciplinary research. As a part of our team you will have the opportunity to develop your own individual ideas, skills and knowledge in an internationally competitive experimental group that is embedded in the outstanding research environment of Heidelberg University.

Bachelor and master projects

Are you eager to learn about cutting-edge quantum research and technology hands on? In our group you will be supervised and trained to obtain scientific skills by working on atom and quantum optics, laser spectroscopy and advanced laser technology. By joining us you will have the opportunity to acquire skills with basic electronics, high-frequency technology, and feedback control systems, imaging design and fundamental optics, as well as, programming, process control, and data analysis. You will have the opportunity to pursue your own research project and contribute to state-of-the-art research on ultracold quantum gases. Please contact us to discuss available projects.

Currently open projects

Rydberg team

We can offer the following projects for Bachelor and Master students:
  • Creation of spatially modulated light fields for Rydberg creation
  • Design of a time-inverted many-body Hamiltonian
  • Construction of a high resolution objectiv
  • Spectroscopy of periodically modulated quantum systems
  • Isolation of a two-level quantum system

Mixtures team

Please see our announcement to find out about currently open projects in the mixtures team.

Doctoral positions

Are you ready to push forward the fundamental understanding of modern quantum physics by experimentally tackling a challenging and pressing project in the field of ultracold quantum gases? During your doctorate you will be able to polish your experimental skills and knowledge in laser, atom, and molecular physics and quantum optics. You will have the opportunity to develop your soft skills such as presentation techniques (writing publications or giving talks at conferences) and basic teaching skills. Being part of the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics (HGSFP) and/or International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Dynamics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IMPRS-QD) you will have many opportunities for scientific exchange with students and researchers from other groups, often abroad, and access to initiatives such as the graduate days, winter schools, and others.

Postdoctoral researchers

You have finished (are soon finishing) your PhD thesis and are interested in atom, ion, and molecular physics in ultracold quantum gases at different levels of complexity? Our group’s philosophy is built around a lot of freedom for new and inspiring ideas. You will be able to develop your own concepts, take over responsibility early on, and build on the excellent infrastructure. You will be immersed in our large collaborative network enabling you to work on major scientific questions and hot-topics with world leading experts in this field.

Please contact Prof. Matthias Weidemüller to find out more about currently available projects and positions.