University of Heidelberg


Detectors for Neutron Instrumentation

Within the scope of the 6th EU Research Program (FP-6) the European Union promotes the development and evaluation of the newest technologies for the research with neutrons. The FP-6 project DETNI (Detectors for Neutron Instrumentation) is a european collaboration for the development of the next generation of neutron detectors. These developments are necessary because of the expected increase in neutron intensities in the order of up to 1000 in future. For DETNI, three different detector concepts based on solid converter materials have been chosen. The CASCADE detector is one of the three and is supported by the CASCADE team.

Another goal of DETNI is the development of a frontend ASIC for these three detectors. This microchip development addresses for the first time the specific needs in the field of neutron detection. It will be developed until 2007, mostly carried out in the ASIC lab Heidelberg. The chip will find its first application within the DETNI detectors and therefore will be evaluated with the DETNI detectors. Beyond it, the new ASIC has the potential to serve as a base for the frontend readout of all future neutron detectors.

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