Panel Support, Handling and Glueing Tool


1.  Description

An Outer Tracker straw tube module will be built from  2 panels equipped with straws. The panels are held by a support tool which fixes their positions in all dimensions. The precision in the direction of the ``x coordinate'' is given by dowel pin holes at both ends of the panel. The same holds for the positioning in y. The precision in the z coordinate is provided by the tool.

The support tool allows the handling of the panels during wiring, the ``storage'' of wired panels, and the gluing of the panels to a box.

If used properly the tool guarantees deviations of the flat panel surfaces with respect to the flatness of the template surface of less than 0.1 mm.

The tool consists of a 5 (2.5) m long support bar built from a alu-honeycomb composite. Along its length the bar has 4 (2) feet on each side. The feet are used as reference for positioning. The above quoted flatness of less than
0.1~mm is only guaranteed if the feet stand on a flat (deviations <0.1mm ) surface.

During the production process the flatness of the panel is only equired during three production steps:

  • positioning of the panel on the support-tool
  • gluing the panel on the straws in the template
  • gluing the box

  • All other production steps allow slight deviations from the flatness and thus they also demand less precise surfaces (tables) to pose the support-tool.

    A protoype of the support tool  has been built and the panel handling was tested:  panels are kept in their initial positions (defined by flat tables) within the requierd 0.1mm.

    2 Technical Specification:

    Available technical note:   Panel Support, Handling and Gluing Tool
              Note includes details on the dimensions and  also test results of a prototype.

    3 Detailed Technical Drawings

  • Technical drawing: Overview
  • Technical drawings of all parts