Advanced Particle Physics
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Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics

Wednesday 9:15 - 11:00   INF 227 SB 1.107
Friday 9:15 - 11:00   INF 227 SB 1.107   There is No lecture on Friday 04/07)
Begin Wednesday   April 8th, 2008

Ulrich Uwer, Physikalisches Institut
Tel. 06221/549226, eMail: uwer @
Victor Lendermann, Kirchhoff Institut für Physik
Tel. 06221/549283, eMail: victor @

The focus of the lecture are the experimental tests of the building blocks of matter and their fundamental interactions:
* Test of QED in electron-positron annihilation
* Probing the structure of the nucleon
* The weak interaction: charged and neutral currents
* Electro-weak unification: Discovery of W and Z Bosons
* Flavour oscillations and CP violation
* New particle and dark-matter searches
With the last two topics (Quark mixing, CP violation & neutrino mixing and new particle searches) the lecture reaches today's state of research of experimental particle physics.
Although the emphasis is put on the experiments the lecture also tries to motivate the thoeretical descriptions and tries to give "phenomenological" derivations of the necessary formulas.
For better understanding the course starts with a short review of the calculation of transition amplitudes, cross sections and decay rates. The Dirac equation is introduced and used to motivate the Feynman rules of QED. The basic cross sections for fermion-fermion scattering are derived.
The lectcure is meant for students whose interest in the fundamental building blocks of matter and their interactions was triggerd during the course lecture "Physik 5".
The course is part of the Graduate School "Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology". It is recommended for diploma and doctoral students in experimental/theoretical particle physics.

  • Change of room: we are now at Seminar-Box 1 (INF 227 SB1.107)
  • There is No lecture on Friday 04/07

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