Selected Recent Talks

2017 Physics at Accelerators - from the KWI/MPI Cyclotron to the CERN SPS
Special colloquium on the occasion of Rudolf Bock's 90th birthday
13 June 2017, GSI Darmstadt
2016 The physics boost from inside the high energy community
Symposium on '30 Years of Heavy Ions: … what next?'
9 November 2016, CERN, Geneva
2016 60 Jahre Physik – Faszination der Vielfalt (slide text in English)
Colloquium within the historical series ’Emeriti remember...’ of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
of the University of Heidelberg since the 1990ties,
28 January 2016, Heidelberg, to be published, Poster
2015 Experiments on Lepton Pairs – The CERN SPS Era
Workshop on ’New perspectives on Photons and Dileptons in Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions at RHIC and LHC’,
30 Nov.-11 Dec. 2015, ECT*, Trento
2015 Thermal Dileptons and the QCD Phase Transitions
4th Int. Conf. on New Frontiers in Physics ICNFP 2015, Kolymbari, Greece
2014 Heavy Ion Physics at the CERN SPS: Roots 1974-1984 and Key Results
CERN Colloquium in the framework of CERN’s 60th Anniversary
8 September 2014, Geneva
2013 Prospects of Dilepton Experiments
EMMI Workshop on ’Prospects and Challenges for Future Experiments in Heavy Ion Collisions’
15-16 February 2013, GSI Darmstadt, talk dedicated to William J. Willis
2012 Concluding Remarks on NA60 (and beyond)
International School of Nuclear Physics: ’Probing the Extremes of Matter with Heavy Ions’,
16-24 September 2012, Erice-Sicily
2011 Harmonische Reihen: Grundlage der musikalischen Wahrnehmung
’Harmonic Series: Fundament of Musical Perception’
Physikalischer Verein Frankfurt, Student Lecture, 3 December 2011.
Supplementary slides to numerous Experiments and Results from Neuroscience Research of the Heidelberg Group
Smorenburg hearing test: Erklärung, Test-Töne
2011 Planck-like Radiation and the Parton-Hadron Phase Transition in QCD
Physikalisches Kolloquium, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Heidelberg,
1 July 2011, Heidelberg
2010 Tumortherapie mit Protonen und Ionen: eine neue Dimension fuer die Medizin, Physik und Technik
’Gesprächskreis Rhein-Neckar’ (University of Heidelberg and local Industry),
21 January 2010, Alte Aula, Heidelberg