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ALICE at the LHC

Information about my work in ALICE can be found on the web page of the
ALICE group at GSI, which I am leading

Analysis work by students in Heidelberg

All theses are available at this page (please search for the student's name).

  • Oct 2014: Bachelor thesis by Sebastian Hornung: "New criteria for distinguishing hadrons containing beauty from hadrons with charm in proton-proton collisions with sqrt(s)=7 TeV at ALICE"
  • Mar 2015: Bachelor thesis by Lukas Layer: "Development of a fast simulation tool for vertexing studies in ALICE"
  • Nov 2016: Master thesis by Sebastian Hornung: "Study of heavy-flavor hadron production in pp collisions with ALICE"
  • Dec 2016: Bachelor thesis by Michael Ciupek: "Electron identification in different colliding systems with ALICE"
  • Feb 2017: Bachelor thesis by Manuel Jahn: "Quality assurance for gas electron multipliers with the leakage current test"
  • Feb 2017: Bachelor thesis by Alexandra Datz: "Studies on secondary discharges and their mitigation with a two GEM detector"
  • Sep 2017: Master thesis by Mattia Faggin (Universita' di Padova): "Misura di elettroni da decadimenti di adroni con charm e beauty in collisioni Pb-Pb a LHC con ALICE"
  • Oct 2017: Master thesis by Thomas Rudzki: "Commissioning and testing of large-area GEM-based readout chambers for the high-rate ALICE TPC"
  • Dec 2017: Master thesis by Lukas Layer: "Beauty production in Pb???Pb with the ALICE experiment at sqrt(s_NN) = 5.02 TeV"
  • Apr 2018: Bachelor thesis by Alissa Fink: "Mass difference between matter and anti-matter"
  • Apr 2018: Bachelor thesis by Pascal Becht: "Quality assurance of gas electron multiplier foils for the ALICE TPC upgrade via leakage current measurements"
  • Mar 2019: Master thesis by Daniel Baitinger: "Secondary discharge studies in a single-GEM detector in the scope of the ALICE TPC upgrade"
  • Aug 2019: Master thesis by Michael Ciupek: "Electrons from semi-leptonic decays of heavy-flavour hadrons at mid-rapidity and low transverse momenta in pp collisions at s = 5.02 TeV"
  • Sep 2019: Bachelor thesis by Yannis Seemann: "Production of (anti-)deuterons in Pb-Pb collisions and via the spallation process"
  • Dec 2019: Bachelor thesis by Carolina Reetz: "Reconstruction of the Hadronic Decay of the 0c Baryon with the ALICE Detector Investigation of Charm Production and Validation of the KF Particle Package"
  • Dec 2019: Master thesis by Bogdan Blidaru: "Discharge propagation in double-GEM detectors"
  • In preparation: Master thesis by Pascal Becht: ALPIDE Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors

    PhD theses

  • Feb 2018: Alexander Deisting: "Measurements of ion mobility and GEM discharge studies for the upgrade of the ALICE time projection chamber" (also here)
  • Jun 2018: Tonatiuh Jimenez Bustamante: "Inclusive J/psi production at mid-rapidity in Pb???Pb collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 5.02 TeV"
  • In preparation: Sebastian Hornung: Production of (anti-)3He and (anti-)triton in proton-lead collisions
  • In preparation: Lukas Kreis: Study of particle correlations in Pb-Pb collisions (using the directed flow of spectator-neutrons)
  • In preparation: Alena Harlenderova: (non-prompt) J/psi production and modification in pp and Pb-Pb collisions

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