Particle tracking and identification at high rates
Seminar for Master Students (MVSEM)

Date and Place
Friday 11:00-13:00h   INF 226, Conference K1 room 00.101

Prof. S. Masciocchi, Physikalisches Institut / GSI Darmstadt
Tel. 06159/711489, eMail:
Prof. A. Schöning, Physikalisches Institut
Tel. 06221/5419401, eMail:

Modus operandi:


  • First Date: 20.10.2017 Location: INF 226, 1.106 Time 11h00
  • Written reports (proceedings style)
    1st draft to supervisors as soon as possible, latest by March 10, 2018
    final draft uploaded by March 31, 2018
  • 60 minutes for the seminar and discussions
  • meet at least 6 weeks before your presentation with your supervisor
  • we will hand out literature, not exhaustive, please feel free to make your own literature search (cern web sites, etc.)
  • 4 weeks before your presentation: rough structure of presentation should exist
The seminar addresses topics in modern tracking detector technologies and particle identification. Topics proposed for the seminar are:

- Time Projection Chambers (TPC)
- Silicon pixel detectors
- Monolothic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS and HV-MAPS)
- Electromagnetic and hadronic calorimetry (2x)
- Particle tracking calorimeters
- Cerenkov detectors (LHCb RICH)
- Vertex detectors and reconstruction
- Track reconstruction techniques
- Track triggers and concepts

The language of the presentation is English

  • First Date: 20.10.2017 Location: INF 226, 1.106 Time 11h00
  • Topics and Dates should be preferably fixed before the start of the winter semester, latest at first meeting.
    Please choose a topic from the list above or propose a topic by yourself!

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