English-German math and physics glossary

Many physics and math terms that are latin-source 'Fremdworte' in German are virtually identical in English,
but there are exceptions. Since we do calculations, we need math expressions, too.

The stressed vowel is marked with ' where necessary (Betonung)

4-vector Vierervektor
ansatz Ansatz
apex Scheitel(punkt)
(anti-)coll'inear (anti-)kollinear
CM = center of mass Schwerpunkt
CMS = center-of-mass system Schwerpunktsystem (watch hypenation!)
acceleration Beschleunigung
angel Engel
angle Winkel
angular momentum Drehimpuls
area Fläche
assumption Annahme
axis (pl. -es) Achse
balance Waage
beam balance Balkenwaage
bias eigentlich: Vorurteil
.. systematische Abweichung, z.B.
.. zwischen Stichprobenvarianz und wahrer Varianz
center of gravity/mass Schwerpunkt
co'ordinate, co-'ordinate pronounced co-ordinate
coll'ision Stoß
conserv'ation Erhaltung (z.B. der Energie)
continuous stetig
d'efinite integral
decay Zerfall (z.B. radioaktiver
decomp'ose zerlegen
derivation Herleitung
der'ivative Ableitung (math.)
differ'entiate (with respect to) ableiten nach
distribution Verteilung
dx is a differ'ential
error Fehler
error propagation Fehlerfortpflanzung
estimate Schätzung
expectation value Erwartungswert
family (of curves) (Kurven-) Schar
force Kraft
force pair Kräftepaar
frame see: reference frame
grade Steigung / (Schul-) Note (see slope
inertia Trägheit, Masse
inertial force Trägheitskraft (Scheinkraft)
initial [value] Anfangs-[wert]
'impact parameter Stoßparameter
'ind'efinite integral
indefinite metric indefinite Metrik
integr'al, integrate
integral limits
mean/average [value] Mittelwert
median [value] Median(wert)
modulus Betrag
mom'entum Impuls
m'oment of inertia Trägheitsmoment
muon Müon (fälschlich Mü-Meson
normaliz'ation Normierung
ph'ysical physisch, körperlich, AUCH physikalisch!
pole Stange, math. Pol
prime Primzahl UND (math.) -Strich (z.B. y')
(double)-prime(d) (zwei-)gestrichen
probab'ility Wahrscheinlichkeit
proof Beweis
proper time Eigenzeit (Relativitätstheorie)
pulley (Seil-) Rolle, auch Flaschenzug
pulley [block] Flaschenzug
(r'eference) frame Bezugssystem
radius vector Ortsvektor
rest mass Ruhemasse (Relativitätstheorie
rigid body starrer Körper
rms = root mean square Standardabweichung
sample Stichprobe
self-similar selbst-ähnlich
series [expansion] Reihe [Reihen-Entwicklung]
slope Steigung (math.) (see grade
standard deviation Standardabweichung
torque Drehmoment
tr'iangle Dreieck
true value wahrer Wert
variance Varianz
velocity Geschwindigkeit

How to pronounce math and phys expressions

1 + 2 one plus two
2 - 0.5 two minus zero-point-five
2x two ex
3/5 three divided by five
.. three fifths
.. three over five
10(-)5 ten to [the power of] (minus) five
.. ten to the (minus) fifth
x2 ex square[d]
x3 ex cube[d]
square-root a
( ) parenthesis (pl. -es) (opening, closing)
< > angle brackets (often stand for expectation value)
[ ] square brackets
{ } curly brackets, braces
dx/dt dee ex over dee tee
ex dot
n! enn factorial
pee-bar (Antiproton
eitch-bar (ha-quer, h/2pi
y' wy prime
Some expressions are hard in html, like x with a dot on top, let alone a partial derivative, so I will have to do them in TEX.
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