EMMI Workshop 'Imprints of the QGP'

Hotel and local transportation information

(A) Accommodation

Booking of hotels is left to the participants. For convenience we name a few hotels located conveniently, close to the center of Heidelberg.
Quoted price: lowest rate single room with shower, mostly including breakfast
Sequence does not imply a rating.

Hoteladdresscontact lowest rate single
Hotel Panorama

close to the river Neckar
Bismarckstraße 19
69115 Heidelberg
Tel +49 6221 1852100
Fax +49 6221 1852110
135 €
Hotel Goldene Rose

in the very center
St.-Anna-Gasse 7
69117 Heidelberg
Tel +49 6221 905490
Fax +49 6221 182040
We have a block booking for a few single rooms
at the reduced price 95 €, please contact
Ms. Holten before Friday 3.4. noon:
Tel +49 6221 54 19500
Hotel Anlage Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 32
69117 Heidelberg
Tel +49 6221 5850960
Fax +49 6221 585096130
76 €
Hotel Kohler Goethestraße 2
69115 Heidelberg
Tel +49 6221 970097
Fax +49 6221 970096
72 €, 52 € with separate shower

Hotel Astoria

other side of the river Neckar,
near Philosophenweg
Rahmengasse 30
69120 Heidelberg
Tel +49 6221 729035-0
Fax +49 6221 729035-9
95 - 140 €
Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg Rohrbacher Straße 29
69115 Heidelberg
Tel +49 6221 9150
Fax +49 6221 164272
69 €

(B) Public Transportation to and from MPI for Nuclear Physics (MPIK)

official link for access to MPIK

The MPIK is about 4 km from Heidelberg center (Bismarkplatz) by car, or 3 km by foot (uphill!)

Taxi fare about 12 €

Bus departures from Bismarkplatz to MPIK:

Bus 39 (fare 2.40 €)
R: Bus 39 direction 'Rohrbach', get off at 'Bierhelder Hof', 5 min walk to MPIK,
the bus 39 direction 'Königstuhl' stops directly at MPIK

8:30R 8:43 8:50R 9:00 9:10R 9:30R 10:00 10:30R 11:00 11:30R 12:00 12:30R 13:00 then every hour till 19:00

The bus 10:30 fits the Thursday Colloquium 11:15 (get off at 'Bierhelder Hof')

Bus departures from MPIK to downtown HD:

Bus 39 (fare 2.40 €)

From stop MPIK, direction Bismarkplatz: 12:44 every hour till 19:44 last bus!

From stop 'Bierhelder Hof', direction Bismarkplatz: 12:11, every hour till 16:11, 16:41 17:11 17:41 18:11 18:41 19:11

Full schedule bus 39


There is no bus late Thursday night after the dinner (unless you 'eat and run'). We will organize group taxis
(up to 8 persons each) for after dinner if needed, i.e. unless there are enough places in private cars.

For the transport Friday afternoon from MPIK to the University campus the bus 16:11 from 'Bierhelder Hof' is suitable,
from Bismarkplatz continue with tram RNV 21 or bus RNV 31 (every 10/5 min)
to Bunsengymnasium or Bunsengymnasium West, respectively. As above, private cars may do.

We expect that many participants arrive by car and would be willing to take along other participants.

(C) Advice for arrival by car

There is free parking at MPIK outside the gate.
Navigation systems: Saupfercheckweg, Heidelberg

University Campus: There are public parkings which cost 4 €/day.
The one closest to the Friday Colloquium is at the corner
'Im Neuenheimer Feld'/'Kirschner Str', access from 'Im Neuenheimer Feld', east.
Avoid the gate going west (access to the hospitals).

For navigation systems, a good address might be 'Im Neuenheimer Feld 100'.
This parking will not be crowded Friday after 16h.