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Relativistic Quantum Theory of Few-Electron Systems

The young investigators group "Relativistic quantum theory of few-electron systems in strong fields: Atomic physics at high-Z" is founded by Helmholtz Association together with GSI center for heavy ions reseach in order to advance the topic of theoretical atomic physics with highly-charged, heavy ions. Special emphasis in the group activity is placed to investigate the structural properties and dynamical behaviour of few-electron ions in the widely unexplored domain of high nuclear charges and large collision energies. These studies will lead to better understanding of the relativistic, many-body and quantum electrodynamical (QED) effects under extreme conditions. Moreover, the structure and dynamics studies with heavy ions have a profound impact also on a large number of other branches of present-day research, such as nuclear and astro-physics, warm and hot dense matter, or the ``new physics'' beyond the standard model of particles and interactions.


On the 15th of February our team "Tunnel Effect" won the highly prestigious HGSFP soccer cup. The team members would like to thank the organizers and the other participants for this great tournament.

Team Tunnel Effect

On the 9th of January, Sean McConnell has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled ``Two-centre problems in relativistic atomic physics''. Our warmest congratulations!

In November 2012 Stefan Kraft has successfully completed his diploma thesis focused on the ``Theoretical studies of electron-ion bremsstrahlung in the short-wavelength limit''.

Apix Tap Group Photo 16th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions will held at the University of Heidelberg from September 2 to 7 2012.

On the 16th of December, group member Filippo Fratini successfully completed the defence of his PhD thesis. This formed Filippo's final piece of assessment before the official awarding of his Doctor title. The group wishes to extend to Filippo its sincerest congratulations.

Filippo after his defence
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