Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

EMMI workshop "Particle dynamics under extreme matter conditions"
Speyer, Germany, 26-29 September 2010

The aim of the EMMI workshop "Particle dynamics under extreme matter conditions" is to bring together the experts who share their interest in studying the properties and behavior of both, simple electronic systems and electromagnetic plasmas in the realm of high (collision) velocities and extremely strong electromagnetic fields. The following topics is to be covered during the meeting:

  • Pair production in the presence of strong laser fields
  • Critical and super-critical atomic fields, heavy quasi-molecules
  • Laser acceleration of electrons and ions, and its applications
  • Non-linear particle dynamics in intense laser fields
  • Testing of quantum electrodynamics (QED) under extreme conditions
  • Collective effects in laser-plasma interactions
Although the focus of this workshop will be placed mainly on the advances in relativistic atomic and plasma theory, a few presentations will be delivered in order to review the recent experimental advances in intense-laser and heavy ion techniques.

The workshop is supported by the ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research.

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